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    The rules of Order.


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    The rules of Order. Empty The rules of Order.

    Post by Vertex on Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:57 pm

    In order to have a safe and well community, these rules are to be followed.

    -No spam. One word posts, chain messages, and derails, as in off topic posts. OCC talk is allowed in RPGs.
    -No flaming. Use criticism if you don't like something.
    -No profanity. Anything above the word "crap" is considered profanity.
    -No pornography. Do I really have to explain?
    -Don't ask for somebody to be banned because they beat you in battle or some other stupid reason. The rules of Order. Icon_razz
    -If you have a question about anything, look in BOTH the Roleplay and Forum Support forums before creating a new thread.
    -Absolutely NO password trading. A mod or admin will never ask for your
    password. If anybody asks for your password, they wanna steal it and
    mess your account up. Now we don't want that do we, Hm?
    -Use the forums correctly please The rules of Order. Icon_smile
    -Do NOT request for a member to be brought back. Firstly, I can't bring back deleted members, because deletion is permanent. Two, he/she broke the rules, so I see no good reason to bring him/her back.
    -Seriously, don't bump. All bumps before this rule can remain. After, BAN HAMMA!
    -Ifyou break any of the above rules, you will get a warn. 3 warns and you're outta here. Three strikes you're out. Get it? Got it? Good.

    -Don't god mod. Don't make yourself invincible or extra powerful. It must take a heck-load of energy to become extra powerful.
    -Only post in a roleplay if you want to join that roleplay, or if you have something to say.
    -NEVER use scripting roleplay. Use paragraph form. Good example: Vertex looked forward and back, but he couldn't find what he was looking for. BAD EXAMPLE: Vertex: *looks around*

    Just follow this list and we'll all be happy. Now go have fun roleplaying!

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