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    Anything = Spam...NOT!


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    Anything = Spam...NOT!

    Post by Vertex on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:40 pm

    Here are the rules for the General Forum.

    1. You must abide by the Rules & Guidelines.
    2. Stay on topic, don't derail. Unless it's a forum game about derailing.
    3. The artistic content must be created by YOU!! If not, get permission from the creator to post it.
    4. HTML is enabled, so if you want to post a game, video or whatever, I recommend getting the embed code and posting it, so you can view it within the post! Otherwise just use BBCode if you are a complete n00b to HTML.
    5. Adding to #3, don't claim work not made by you to be yours. We WILL find out!
    Abide by these rules and we'll all be happy! Now excuse me while I go eat cheese...

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