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    Character Profiles(READ THIS FIRST!!!)


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    Character sheet
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    Character Profiles(READ THIS FIRST!!!)

    Post by Vertex on Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:01 pm

    In order to create your character, you must copy and paste the sheet below into a new topic post. A moderator will come by and approve it. If not approved, they will tell you what is wrong with it so you can change it. The character has to be approved before you can start roleplaying with it. Then you can start RPing!

    (An image will be okay to use.)
    (This is not required, but recommended.)

    Energy Type: (This is kind of confusing, but it's only whether you're Speed, Fly, or Power.)
    (No more than 3!)
    Weaknesses: (No less than 3!)
    Weapons/Equipment: (To clear things up, what are your weapons, and what are your most commonly used tools?)
    Alignment Scale: (This is a simple measure of your alignment. 1 is pure evil (Mephiles Evil) , while 10 is the exact opposite.)

    A couple tips that could help you get approved:

    1. Please no recolors. I've been there, and I've been flamed. I don't want you to feel the same way I did. In case you don't know what a recolor is, it's just a character that looks just like an original Sonic character, except a different color. THATS IT!
    2. Be creative. Just because you're a hedgehog doesn't mean you have to be speedy. Same with foxes and echidnas. (Tell me if I spelled that wrong.)
    3. No god modded powers. Chaos Blast is okay, but it has to use a lot of energy. Now going into super mode without any power source (rings, chaos emeralds, etc.) is god modding. Creating this larger than Earth laser blast that destroys the universe is just stupid god modding. It's no fun roleplaying with somebody with overpowered moves.
    4. Don't contradict your stats in the bottom half of the profile. If your character hates water, don't say it can summon dolphins or something. Also don't contradict your personality with these stats.
    I hoped that helped! Happy roleplaying!


    P.S. For more info on Character Sheets, look to the Character Sheets topic.

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