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    Spade the Hawk



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    Spade the Hawk

    Post by Spade_the_Hawk on Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:40 pm

    Name: Spade
    Age: 17
    Species: Hawk
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Sorta strange, and can be random at times, but is extremely reliable and intelligent.
    History/Biography: Was separated from his mother at 11, and killed Mephiles minutes after. He used up so much energy killing him, that he died, but was brought back by god, and lost his memory. He then met a wolf named Sage. Next they met a green hedgehog named Edwidan. Soon after, met a raven and a dove, named Suzanna (Or Zanna) and Solana respectively. Went on some crazy adventures, met some more people, and then when he was 16, he stumbled upon some people named Kingdaro, Flinch, Alpha, Cronicon, along with others. Spade and his old friends and his new friends later split up. One year later, he's flying along the arctic, meets Flinch, and finds somebody who could be the key to finding Kingdaro and Alpha. Is still searching for Cron.

    Energy Type: Fly
    Powers/Abilities: Normal form: Divebomber, Royal Flush, Chaos Control, Ace of Spades. Demon Form: ???
    Strengths: Can fly at an altitude of about 5693 feet, is extremely accurate with his attacks, he can use x-ray vision, but it takes a lot out of him.
    Weaknesses: Hates the cold, Can't swim, suffers from seismophobia. Earthquakes put him in a temporary catatonic state.
    Weapons/Equipment: Blade edged ace of spades, Metalens, goggles, silver sword, handgun.
    Alignment Scale: 7

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    Re: Spade the Hawk

    Post by Vertex on Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:50 pm

    Sweetness bio. Approved.

    The sentence below is true.

    The sentence above is false.

    O.O How?

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