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    Flare The Hedgehog embarks on a new adventure


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    Flare The Hedgehog embarks on a new adventure

    Post by supersonic856 on Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:10 am

    Flare the hedgehog had finished making his hut on the beach. "Finaly!" He said. He wen't in and came back out with a beach chair an sat down to enjoy the sight. A few moments later, a loud explosion came from an island ahead. Immidietly, he jumped up out his char and made fire at his feat so he could hover. When he got over to the other island, he saw a shadowy figure. "What is that?" He asked himself, Then he followed it. It was hard to keep up, the creature was too fast. He then climb a alm tree and jumed on the creature's back It was an alien. What's an alien doing on an island? He thought to himself. It was a huge, orange, furry creature what walked on four legs and had 7 eyes. Flare was not afraid, for he'd saw somthing like this before, when he was 9. The alien threw him off, but Flare landed cleanly on his feet. " Are you lost?" Flare asked the Alien "Yes" The alien replied in a deep voice. " I'll help you." Flare said with a grin, "Oh, by the way, my name's Flare. What's yours?" The huge alien turned to face him. "I'm Bytrog. I'm from the planet, Grimert. I was accused of stealing the 5 demention orbs, but it wasn't me. Actualy, I don't knowwho it was." Flares eyes filled with exitment at Bytrog's words. Then ha said, " Another adventure.... I'll help you figure out who it was.And then you could go back and live on your planet." Flare told him thought fully. " Thanks." Bytrog said with a smile. " Now let's go to the city and buy some parts to build a spaceship!" Flare said as he ran off. "Coming." said Bytrog. And he followed him.

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