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    Character Sheets


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    Character sheet
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    Character Sheets

    Post by Vertex on Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:44 pm

    These variables can be found within your character sheet in your profile, which can be activated by going to your profile, clicking on "Character Sheet", then click the magic Generate button!

    Okay, so now you have a character sheet. Yay. Now you must edit the values within the sheet that were in your profile you created. The only ones that really matter Smile Name, Age, Gender, and Species. The rest I'll tell you further about.


    This variable is the most important stat of your character. Whenever you're in battle, this can be edited. Whenever you get hurt, lower it. Simple as that. You cannot, however, increase the maximum health value, or increase the health value without some source of healing. Yes you may have a couple of healing powers, but it must take a few posts to heal it. But no indestructibility. Once health = 0, you've lost. You can be dead if you want, but if you kill your character you must make a new one! Any further questions PM me or a Moderator.


    This is how much power your character has to use for every move. Every attack your character makes has to use some amount of energy. A small punch maybe 1 energy point. Some huge "IMA FIRIN MA LAZOR" attack should be like 500. This is kinda like health, except when this is 0 you don't die.


    Read the information topic in the shop.

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