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    Kadent "Whirlpool" Lurja


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    Kadent "Whirlpool" Lurja

    Post by Nirguris on Sat Jun 20, 2009 3:34 pm

    Name: Kadent Lurja

    Appearance: Hasshoulder-length light-blue hair and green eyes. During battle, he tends to wear (but not in instances where he doesn’t have access to them) silver armor covering the arms, chest, legs and feet. Outside of battle, he wears a thin blue coat with black pants and black shoes. His height is about 5’ 2”.

    Personality: Friendly, but has a hesitant nature.

    History/Biography: Kadent was born in a world different from Mobius, and as such, could be considered an alien. He was born on a planet known only to its inhabitants as Vesol, and he comes from a faction of people well versed in the arts of Water Geomancy, or water-manipulating. During an adventure that he went on with his allies, he confronted a powerful being that activated a hidden mechanism in a large tower, long worshipped by the Vesolians.

    He still does not fully understand what happened to the others in that flash of light that spurred from the tower moments before its activation. He only knows that it transported him to an unknown land, one that he would later learn to be called Mobius.

    (A little bit of an edit to his original story, just to fit the world of the forum. Very Happy )

    Energy Type: Speed

    Powers/Abilities: Water Geomancy- (Controlling the flow of the element to use as an attack.)

    Flood: A Geomancy skill that temporarily raises the water level to reduce the amount of solid ground in the area. (Cost: 25% of total Energy.)

    Whirlpool: Causes the water around him to begin pulling in towards its center. This is an ideal technique that limits enemies from keeping distance for a short while. (Cost: 10% of total Energy.)

    Torpedo Dash: When underwater, he manipulates the water around him to pull him forward, increasing his swim speed. The cost for this technique is special, as it changes based on how much Energy he has left. Here is the scale:

    0-50 EP = 5 EP per second

    51-100 EP = 10 EP per second

    101-500 = 20 EP per second

    501-1000 = 50 EP per second

    1500+ = 100 EP per second

    Strengths: When in an environment dominated by water, his Geomancy effects have a great advantage.

    Kadent is capable of staying underwater for longer durations (Usually around 10-15 minutes) than the average human.

    His spearman skills excel at swift thrusting attacks.

    Weaknesses: Attacks with the spear are focused on thrusting and not slashing, so they require precision.

    Water Techniques can be frozen, eliminating their effect. It’s a bad idea for him to use them in extremely cold environments. (I.e. Frozen areas, etc.)

    The strength of his attacks are only average, and he cannot build momentum to increase the strength of his attack.

    Weapons/Equipment: Lightweight Spear- His main use for attacking.

    Alignment Scale: 10

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    Re: Kadent "Whirlpool" Lurja

    Post by Vertex on Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:38 pm


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    The sentence above is false.

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