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    Ember AIthne


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    Ember AIthne

    Post by Phoenix_Saturn on Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:41 pm

    Name: Ember Aithne
    Age: 16
    Species: Complicated. Will be explained if required.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Ember is light gray/silvery in colour and has black hair almost down to her shoulders curled inwards, with some shorter layered pieces slightly curling outwards, including two either purple or fire coloured ones in the middle of her hair, depending on which power she's using, Gaia or Fire. Ember wears a dark gray/black bodysuitlike shirt with black spiked shoulder pads and a semi-oronate silk beltlike sash, on which she hangs her scimitar-like dagger and her Nightmare Stone. Her bodysuitlike pants are the same colour. She also wears lighter grey knee-high armoured wedge-heel boots with armour having three black spikes protruding from it and being either purple-black or fire coloured, depending on what power she is using. Ember has silver eyes and wears purple eyeshadow and occasional black lipstick, but doesn't wear any other makeup.
    Personality: Ember is extremely sarcastic, morbid and fierce. She loves living on edge, constantly getting into dangerous situations just for the heck of it. Despite the claims of many, Ember does have her elegant moments as well though. Ember knows she is not invincible deep down, and in battle, she is quite cautious and calculating. Her sarcasm and morbidness tends to push people away, this often leads to Ember acting indifferent about not having very many true friends, but this has lead to many miserable days. Another problem with Ember is that she is a master manipulator (possibly courtesy of her Gaia powers), and usually has no trouble manipulating everyone and anyone into doing what she wants. The few friends she has she is extremely protective of and would immediately seek vengeance for.Ember is also extremely violent in an efficient way; in battle, her preferred methods of attack are quick and clean disembowelments, decapitation, or severing of limbs, though she will just as often simply burn her enemies.
    Ember is afraid of the notion that her personality may have been copied and pasted onto her, and desperately must prove to herself that she is a unique individual. She is generally patient, but has a very nasty temper when overly provoked.
    Ember also tends to not take sides ever in arguments, quickly alienating people to the point where no one is on her side.
    Energy Type: (I'd like to keep this ambiguous for the moment)
    Powers/Abilities: Pyrokinesis and Dark Gaiamanipulation.
    Strengths: Ember can quickly overpower her opponents. She is quite clever and can quickly lure her enemies into traps.
    Weaknesses: Ember has poor defense, can only use one of her powers at a time, and tends not to think when angered.
    Weapons/Equipment: Scimitar-like dagger, Nightmare Stone, concealed retractable knives in her boots.
    Alignment Scale: 5

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    Re: Ember AIthne

    Post by Vertex on Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:31 am

    Looks like your character's a power type, and would be a good match against my other character that hasn't been registered on here.


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