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    Rules/Ring obtaining/etc.


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    Rules/Ring obtaining/etc.

    Post by SirRonFang on Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:12 am

    For weaponry and armor, you must list the stats of the object not only in your inventory, but also before a battle with another Roleplayer, so they know what they're dealing with!
    What extra stats do weaponry and armor give?
    Take the ATK on a sword and multiply it by two. That is the extra damage done to your opponent, on top of the original amount. However, if they are wearing a sphere, they should take the DEF of the sphere and subtract it from the atk BEFORE multiplying the atk by two.
    Example: Sword has 18 minus 10 def on sphere = 8 atk times 2 = 16 extra damage to attack.
    For items:
    For items, when you use an item in battle, the OPPONENT or a PARTNER or YOU (If you are "by yourself") MUST tell me or a shop worker that you used it. We will tell you to take it off your inventory after a while.
    To obtain rings, you must do something of specific merit for a mod to PM you and tell you to give yourself a certain number of rings. Otherwise, give yourself a modest 1,000 rings every Monday. If you already have the max amount of rings you possibly could have when a monday comes around, you can put the excess money in your inventory. So if you are at max one monday you'd put 1,000 rings in your inventory. If the next monday you still haven't spent anything, you'd change it to 2,000 rings in your inventory. When you spend money, you can transfer money from your inventory to your ringcount.

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